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Lester Swain Hernandez & McGillivray 2022

The Band

Four acclaimed North American Bluegrass artists – Jenny Lester, Tai McGillivray, Oliver Swain and Ivonne Hernandez – have come together to create an exciting new ensemble. Each artist brings an impressive list of accomplishments in acoustic and Bluegrass music.

Jenny, Tai, Oliver and Ivonne have spent the winter cooking up a new set of sounds, featuring deep southern harmonies, original songs, barn-burning fiddle features and wild improvisation.

Jenny Lester

Jenny Lester

Jenny Lester’s voice is known throughout North American Bluegrass circles for its beautiful tone and delivery. With a long career as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and educator, Jenny will be contributing original material that blends seamlessly with the old classics in the mountain traditions.

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Ivonne Hernandez

Ivonne Hernandez was a child fiddling prodigy, who has gone on to become Victoria’s most decorated acoustic musician. The 2017 Juno Award winner has received two Western Canada Music Awards, Two Canadian Folk Music Awards and Five Grand North American Fiddling Championships. Ivonne represents the best of a new generation of Canadian fiddling.

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Ivonne Hernandez
Oliver Swain

Oliver Swain

Oliver Swain is a Juno and Western Canadian Music Award nominated Americana and Bluegrass musician. He has toured the world, and released over a dozen roots albums, as
a solo artist and with his groups The Bills, Outlaw Social, Fans & Motor Supply Company, The Duhks and The Red Stick Ramblers.

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Tai McGillivray

Denman Island’s Tai McGillivray is 18 years old, and has been playing music and performing seriously since he was seven. Although mandolin is his main instrument, he also plays guitar, fiddle and bass. He grew up playing at open mics, jams and bluegrass festivals, and has had the chance to play alongside of, and learn from, some great musicians over the years. His main teachers and influences have been Kevin Mitchell, Marc Atkinson, John Reischman, Mike Marshall, Jacob Jolliff, and, more recently, Jenny Lester, to name a few. Tai also plays bass in his school’s R&B and Jazz bands, as well as the senior concert band. represents the best of a new generation of Canadian fiddling.

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Tai McGillivray

Don’t miss this talented ensemble’s performance at our 2022 Festival, Saturday July 2nd at 7pm!