Lawrence Trudeau Bursary

Lawrence Trudeau Bursary

This bursary is given in respect, and to the memory of, Lawrence Trudeau, for all that he has done to promote Bluegrass music.

Let his memory live on by giving to the future of bluegrass-style music.

Donations appreciated!  

Please send your cheque to: 

Summerland Bluegrass Society
104 Fish Lake Road,
Summerland BC
V0H 1Z8

Bursaries can be sent via email to Bill Bates @


Bursaries given to date:  $300.00 each

Mickey Reeves 2004 Banjo—–Bluegrass Workshop (Sorrento)

Chad Young 2005 Banjo——Bluegrass Workshop (Sorrento)

Tamaya Turcott 2006, 2007 Fiddle—-Gavin Lake Fiddle Camp & Private Lessons

Debbie Lippmann 2008 Fiddle—–108 Mile Resort, Cabin Fever Bluegrass Workshop

Christo Vutev 2009 Guitar—–Private Lessons

Christo Vutev 2010 Guitar——Private Lessons

Ivan Vutev 2010 Fiddle—-Private Lessons

Christo Vutev 2011 Guitar — Private Lessons

Ivan Vutev 2011 Fiddle — Private Lessons

Shakira Milne 2012 Guitar —–Alpine Music School

Bree Carrier 2013 Fiddle 


Download bursary application here: Lawrence Trudeau Bursary Application

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